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BLACK OPS 2: (XP/CAMO/FUN/CO HOST) Modded Lobbies | Xbox 360/Xbox One Subscribers ONLY !

⚠ READ ME ❗ ⚠

➡ Welcome to “GTAnonymousWorld” Stream ⬅

Console: Xbox 360

Support the stream:streamlabs.com/gtanonymousworld

Night bot Commends:


Join discord here:discord.gg/2KSGTpN

Lobby Status: (Closed)

How To Join:
Send my Gamertag an private chat then view profile then join session in progress.

Regular Mod Service Prices (Paypal/Super chat $)
$5 Per Hour For BO2 1 Hour Co Host Mod Menu/$3 Extra For Each Friend
$5 Recoveries (All CoD/GTA V)
$5 All CoD/GTA V Recovery Service
$5 Insurance (1 Free Coverage For Deranked Stats By Modders)

Come with with $5 -20+ to cash out the amount of your payment earnings to get 1 or more mod services free tipping for free !
Visit website prices to see prices & what your “free earnings” can get you:gtmodding.weebly.com/prices.html

(Use !gawkbox In Stream Chat To Get Aswell)
Donate free here:www.gawkbox.com/gtanonymousworld

Gawk Box Payment Services:
$5 For 1 Mod Service From Any 9 CoDs Listed or get 1 GTA V RP/Cash Drop/Recovery Services
$5 Per Hour BO2 CO Host Lobby Rental ($5 Extra For A Friend)
$5 GTA V Cash/RP Drop (10mins)
$2.50 Co Host Per Game (NEW)

HOT DEAL (Limited Time Offer) (Paypal ONLY)
$20 = 5 Hours + 3 Friends & Each Come With BO2 Remote Recovery + Ghost Camo !

BO2 Xp Lobby Info:
When hosting this & the gamer joins you’ll be kicked just rejoin as fast as possible to continue to rank up !

Donate W/ Amazon Here:

Donate via Amazon Redeem codes:amzn.to/2iQRJRI
Note: Sent code to this Email address:

RGH Information:
Stealth Server Time Status: Lifetime
Stealth Server I’m Currently On:xbls.ninja/

(Donation Goal)
Please donate to me so I can purchase better capture card !
Show yours support

My Mod Service Here: GTModding.weebly.com/

My Social Media:
Kik: GTAnonymous


🔨 When Purchasing From My Mod Service All Sales Are Final & Non-Refundable & You Agree That You Will NOT Dispute Any Transaction Under Any Circumstances. I Am Not Responsible For ANY Account Bans/Suspensions As You Should Know When Purchasing From ANY Modder There Is A Risk. Any Disputes Will Result In An Blacklist From My Mod Service.

If you get suspended/banned in “Any” of my lobbies it’s not my fault/responsibility . It is your fault/responsibility for joining my “modded” lobby.
Please be aware to understand why you are at fault to read the “Xbox LIVE Terms Of Use”.
I’m will “NOT” replace anything if you are suspended/banned. 🔨

🎤Music Copyright 🎤

All songs used in this stream are not mine, All rights/credits go the original owner/creator.

Title | BLACK OPS 2: (XP/CAMO/FUN/CO HOST) Modded Lobbies | Xbox 360/Xbox One Subscribers ONLY !
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