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♫ Gts | Fastest Trades on Youtube! | Whole Pokedex [785/802 + Forms] | 5 Bots | Everyone Win | ♫

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Exchange your Cups for Prizes:goo.gl/LHuJYm

Welcome to the BEST & FASTEST Pokemon Sun and Moon Giveaway !

Im by far the only one who doesnt use that Crap Bot like everyone here on Youtube!
i’m working hard on my Bots and optimize these EVERYDAY to give u the best performance for crashless Streams!
I would be very Happy if you have fun watching my Streams.
Currently using three NEW 3DS + one NEW 2DS with Capture and one OLD 3DS without Capture for Trading, more Devices will come soon, dont worry!

Please read carefully:

I Updated my Trade Bots, they can now Repair themself.
They will Detect if they stay on the Plaza, after 2-3min they go back to the GTS, so no worry.

BUT if u see a Screen has always the “Blue Waves” Picture its not fixable unless i fix it by myself.
This happens if someone Redeposit while a Bot Trades his Request.
My Bot and the Traded Trainer will get an Softbann for 3-24h(i can fix mine without waiting)
So pls Redeposit not to much/fast. Thanks.
If i notice that The Trainer will get Giveaway banned for One Week(FC Based).

So another Side-Note:

If you dont get traded please remember the following rules:

– The Diglett need to be Male
– Low Level(20) Digletts have a bigger Chance to get Traded(Breeded Male Digletts Lv. works fine)
– Redeposit after 2-3h(PLS DONT REDEPOSIT to much/fast, u can get an Softbann).
– If u dont get traded, try another Diglett, sometimes they didnt work correct.
– Please be patient.
– The thing with Gender & Level its not Bot related, The GTS show low Level and Males more then High Level and Female, why? Ask Nintendo, not my fault 😀

Available List of Pokemon below.

The COMPLETE Pokedex, without Mythicals in any Forms!
All are Battle Ready and have max IV/EV.
If a Pokemon cant be Shiny, it will be Non-Shiny.

You can see the Stats and Nicknames for Forms on my Website:

This Pokemon are not included:
Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, Manaphy, Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai, Meloetta, Victini, Keldeo, Diance, Genesect,Hoopa,Volcanion, Marshadow, Magearna.

Donations must be over Streamlabs:streamlabs.com/shinygiveaway
Every Dollar will be rewarded with 1000 Cups!
If you want to Support me with Donations i will share you my Friendcode and gift you some Pokemon of your wish as a little present from me ( THIS IS NOT A PAYMENT FOR BUYING POKEMON!!! )
Send us a Screenshot from your Donation in Discord Room: “Donation_Central” or talk to a Mods!
Any Amount of a $ for a Pokemon your wish but if the Pokemon have some customization like Egg Moves, Hidden Abilitys, i need a little bit more work so it will be 2$ per Pokemon.

Deposit a (Male) Diglett with following Rules:
Nickname Eric (nothing before, nothing after Eric) !
Level wanted should be set to 91+ to avoid to get Sniped
If you dont get your Pokemon after 2-3h, then Redeposit!


!me – TRY IT
!love – Lusa Loves u *~*
!hype – Attack with a Hyperbeam
!bag – Nebby reference
!Lusa – Lusa gives u reply
!dirtystuff – “Lusa ask you if you want to wash her Guzma”
!iwill – “Lusa ask you something”
!girlfriend – “Lusa choose Random a new Boyfriend”
!hmpf – “Where is my Lilie!?!”
!discord – Gives you my Discord Invite Link.
!time – Shows the Time where i life.
!cups – Check your Amount of Cups.
!flipcup – Gamble with your Golden Bottle Cups!
!uptime – Shows how long the Stream are online.

Multistreaming withrestream.io/

Title | ♫ Gts | Fastest Trades on Youtube! | Whole Pokedex [785/802 + Forms] | 5 Bots | Everyone Win | ♫
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